We accept cancellations or exchanges within 24 hours of your order. After 24 hours, your order has already begun processing and we will ONLY accept exchanges, AFTER the order has been received by you. All Orders receive a “THANK YOU FOR SHOPPING WITH US” email, that describes with full detail our processing and shipping times.

We ship to the United States, and US territories. We also ship internationally. Please allow us 5-7 business days (BUSINESS DAYS DO NOT INCLUDE SATURDAYS OR SUNDAYS) to process all orders for the United States and territories once payment is received. Please also allow us 10-12 business days to process all international orders, once payment is received.

All orders are processed through the US Priority Postal Service and IS FREE! , domestically. However, shipping for exchanges IS NOT FREE. We offer a flate rate fee of $20 for all US & US Territories orders, and $60 for all international orders. We do not pay any customs fees for international orders.

We will provide shipping to all military bases. In order for shipments to be processed we ask that you use your full service member name. Please see below:
UNIT 1234 BOX 5678
APO AP 90188-2547