As a natural haired woman for over 10 years, in the past, our CEO has worn braids, weaves, you name it but was unable to retain length due to the limited products provided for women with naturally curly/kinky hair.

With the emergence of natural hair products, women now have the option to maintain and protect their hair when it is in braids or weaves. However, the weaving styles available are either too straight or too curly and do not resemble the kinky curly texture of natural haired women, so most times the natural woman wore a protective style but was unable to protect her hair in the front or underneath because a) there was constant straightening of the hair on top to resemble the rest or b) the hair did not resemble a natural woman’s textured and was not believable.

The CEO and Co-Founder of Haute Kinky Hair, researched, tested and obtained hair that will blend with the 3b to 4c natural hair texture of women. The CEO wanted to provide women with premium virgin kinky hair that was believable and resembled our texture.

This hair is an investment and our CEO took all of that into consideration because she remember the days when she was doing research and wanted hair that was not only believable but re-usable.

Happy Growing!!